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Prince Suffered Before Dying, Refused To Let Friends Know About Illness

Prince Suffered Before Dying, Refused To Let Friends Know About Illness


Prince Suffered Before Dying, Refused To Let Friends Know About Illness

Prince Rogers Nelson, the acclaimed Popstar passed away on April 20. The music industry just lost one of its legends.

According to Hollywood Life, Prince was 57 when he passed away. Apparently, unknown to his friends, he was already suffering from a deadly disease. He had been careful not to let friends know that he’s suffering.

Sources revealed that Prince was already in great pain but he had put on a brave face even just before his passing away. In fact, he seemed to be in denial about his grave illness. Friends and family attested that Prince still went out and lived life even though he was being advised to take a rest.

The Hollywood Life addred that the artisti was recently down with a severe attack of the flu two weeks before his death. Although he happened to be under the weather and not well, he still did not cancel his concert last April 14, at the Piano & A Microphone Tour in Atlanta, Georgia. Prince, however, was completely run out and was feeling so ill that his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois wherein he was rushed to the hospital.

Incidentally, Prince’s body was discovered inside an elevator of his home in Minnesota, as per police reports. There was a medical call to the Sheriff’s Deputies on April 21, 2016, at the Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen. They arrived there to find Prince limp on the floor. They tried to provide CPR but Prince was never revived. He was declared dead at 10:07 a.m.

Prince had been treated for drug overdose 6 days before his death, as per TMZ. On his way back from Atlanta when he had to have this unscheduled landing and was rushed to a hospital, doctors had given him a shot for counteracting the opiate effects. However, in spite of the doctors advising him to stay at the hospital, Prince got released within 3 hours and flew home. Authorities in Minnesota are trying to get news from the hospital to learn more about the cause of his death.

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