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Pope Francis Denounces Adam As Misogynistic

Pope Francis Denounces Adam As Misogynistic
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Pope Francis Denounces Adam As Misogynistic

Many people believed that the liberation of women is to be blamed for the fact that fewer people marry, Pope Francis noted in a message given to a general audience in Vatican. However, the Pope said that this kind of attitude and perception is a form of misogyny, just like Adam when he blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit from the tree.

Men are like Adam who blames Eve for eating the fruit from the tree

The Pope highlighted that fewer people marry nowadays. He said the separations are also increasing in different countries, and the number of children is declining.

“The difficulty of staying together – both as a couple and as a family – leads to bonds being broken with increasing frequency and rapidity. … In effect, many young people are led to give up the plan of an irrevocable bond and a lasting family. There is a kind of culture of the provisional: everything is temporary, and it seems that nothing is permanent,” the Pope said.

He said that while the economy factors in when deciding to get married, many people believe that the decline in marriage is brought by the emancipation of women.

“But this argument is not valid either. It is an insult, a form of misogyny that seeks to subjugate women. If men behave in this way, we are like Adam, when God asked him who had eaten the fruit of the tree, and he said that the woman gave it to him,” Pope Francis said.

The Pope then called for the equal treatment among men and women.

“The Christian seed of radical equality between spouses must bear new fruit today. The witness of the social dignity of marriage will become persuasive, the witness of reciprocity between husband and wife, of complementarity… And as Christians we must become more demanding in this respect,” he said.

One way to promote the equality is to support the equal pay to work between men and women because “inequality is scandal.”

“Why is it taken for granted that women should earn less than men? No! They have the same rights. At the same time, the maternity of women and the paternity of men should be recognised as a richness that remains valid, especially for the benefit of children. Equally, the virtue of hospitality in Christian families today retains a crucial importance, especially in situations of poverty, degradation and domestic violence”.

Pope Francis admits he is sick

Pope Francis has told parishioners that they should pray for him because he is “a bit old and a bit sick.” Fears about his health have swirled again, especially since it is general knowledge that he has underlying health problems, and part of his lungs was already removed back when he was younger.

Pope Francis has told the elderly and disabled people in the town of Ostia to also pray for him, the Daily Mail reported.

“I thank God that in this community the old and the ill are cared for. When the old and ill are not looked after there something wrong with the community. I ask you to pray for me – I am a bit old and a bit sick,” the Pope said.

He, however, gave the assurance that his sickness “is not too bad.”

In 2014, the pope was quoted as telling journalists that he expects to be in power for “a short time.”

“Two or three years and then I’ll be off to the Father’s house,” the Pope said.


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