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Poll: Donald Trump Can Handle Economy, But Not Much Else

Poll: Donald Trump Can Handle Economy, But Not Much Else
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Poll: Donald Trump Can Handle Economy, But Not Much Else

  • More Americans believe the president-elect will work effectively with the Congress and handle the economy better.
  • Less than 50 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump can handle an international crisis, use military force wisely or prevent major scandals.
  • Americans gave more support to previous presidents like Barack Obama, George W.Bush and Bill Clinton.
  • Sprint, the New York Times notes, is playing along with the president-elect’s claims of creating more jobs in the US in order to profit themselves.

Americans have expressed skepticism over President-elect Donald Trump’s ability to handle certain presidential duties.

With less than three weeks to go before Trump takes office, less than half of the American population support the president-elect in his ability to handle an international crisis (46 percent). On the other hand, only 47 percent of Americans said Trump will use military force in a wise manner. Meanwhile, just 44 percent said he will be able to prevent major scandals during his presidency.

Poll: Americans were more confident with Donald Trump’s predecessors.

In contrast, 7 in 10 Americans were more confident with Trump’s predecessors in these areas before they took office.

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The statistics were gathered from a poll conducted between December 7 and December 11 by Gallup.

Trump has received more support in terms of working effectively with Congress (60 percent). 59 percent also believe he will handle the economy better, 55 percent say he will defend the interests of America overseas and 53 percent say he will be able to manage the executive branch effectively. However, the American population gave more support to previous presidents like Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton with regard to the same concerns.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has noted that American companies, in order to profit themselves, are playing along with Trump’s claims that he will create new jobs in the US.

Trump recently said that Sprint’s chief executive told him the company would create as many as 5,000 new jobs in America. However, the publication notes this was part of a previous commitment by SoftBank, Sprint’s parent company. In December, SoftBank’s chief executive had said that the company would invest $50 billion and add 50,000 jobs in the US. This was a part of another commitment that included a $100 billion technology fund announced by the company in October.

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Sprint/T-Mobile merger would cut down jobs, escalate wireless services costs.

The publication further notes that SoftBank’s chief executive, Masayoshi Son, wants the approval of a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. A previous attempt at a merger was denied by Obama in 2014. The approval was not given back then as it would have cut down the competition in a concentrated industry.

If the merger is allowed to go through, the costs of wireless services will escalate. Moreover, with the merger, the number of jobs will be reduced. As companies’ networks, stores, billing systems and customer service departments, among other divisions, come together, the merger could cut thousands of jobs.

“This is crony capitalism, with potentially devastating consequences,” the New York Times notes.

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