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This Polish Teen Turns Leaves Into Magnificent Artwork

This Polish Teen Turns Leaves Into Magnificent Artwork
Leaf artwork Joanna Wirazka official page

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This Polish Teen Turns Leaves Into Magnificent Artwork

There’s something nostalgic and mysterious about autumn. And this 17-year-old Polish teen captures these ethereal beauty in her magnificent artwork. Meet Joanna Wirazka, a leaf artist.

Wirazka started her leaf painting in 2015. Over a year, she made a name for herself and created a portfolio of outstanding leaf artworks. Her beautiful designs, in what seemed to be a forgotten canvas, give life to the fallen leaves of autumn.

Now, she has created 11 more designs which you can view from her gallery on Instagram and her official homepage.

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A quick look at her masterpieces will make you realize that her talent is well beyond her age. Her choice of colors are broad and her themes cover nature, current events and human emotions.

She even made a leaf artwork in commemoration of the lives lost during the 2015 Paris attack.

One can also imagine Wirazka’s patience and dedication to her craft. Fallen leaves are fragile canvas and they can get torn easily. Too much paint can make it soggy and ugly. Too little paint makes it look lifeless.

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In her website, the young leaf artist described herself as a “self-taught artist.” She did not take any formal course on fine arts nor graduated from any art school. But she is passionate about art.

She could not imagine life without art. She even related that even in mundane things like brushing her teeth, she comes up with an idea on what to draw next.

Now that autumn is just around the corner, Wirazka will have so many canvass to work on and lots of ideas to translate.

Don’t forget to check out her gallery! Some of her artworks are for sale.

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