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Police Shoots Mentally Ill Florida Man, Video Released

Police Shoots Mentally Ill Florida Man, Video Released
Image from Flickr by Vivi


Police Shoots Mentally Ill Florida Man, Video Released


Image from Flickr by Vivi

A new video has surfaced showing a mentally ill man from Florida named Lavall Hall shot dead by Miami Gardens police on Wednesday afternoon.

An attorney said at the press conference that the Hall’s family felt devastated watching the video, and they demand proper investigation for Lavall’s death.

The approximately 19-minute long footage was captured from two police cars. Before shooting the 25-year-old, an officer was heard shouting, “Get on the fucking ground or you’re dead.”

Then police shot him.

“When you see this video, you will realize that this was not a justifiable shooting,” Glen Goldberg, Lavall Hall’s family attorney, said.

The video was made public by the family of Hall for transparency, because they had the feeling he was killed without any reason.

“The officers made up their minds that they were going to kill him,” attorney Goldberg said, as quoted by Local 10.

He had advised the family not to release the video and sensationalize the matter.

“I was devastated to see that it happened like that,” Hall’s mother Catherine Daniels said. “I wish I could bring him back.”

“I was outraged; furious,” added Melissa. “They killed him, murdered him. They knew they were going to murder him before (the shooting). They should be held accountable for their actions.”

February last year, Catherine had called 911 for help as her son went violent, hoping that Hall might be sent to a mental facility.

When Officer Eddy Trimino reached their home, Hall attacked him with a broomstick. Trimino eventually shot him.

However, after watching the video, Goldberg felt that police didn’t need to shoot Hall because he was running away from them.

“You can see Lavall Hall was running away in the 60 seconds before he was shot,” said Judd Rosen, an attorney.

“There was no altercation going on at the time,” Goldberg added.

“This man was murdered by these police officers in Miami Gardens, Florida.”

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