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Police Shoots Elderly: Disturbed Deborah Danner Killed By NYPD

Police Shoots Elderly: Disturbed Deborah Danner Killed By NYPD
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Police Shoots Elderly: Disturbed Deborah Danner Killed By NYPD

A 66-year-old woman was shot on Tuesday evening at around 6 p.m. after trying to hit a uniformed sergeant with a baseball bat.

Pursuing a 911 call, police arrived at 630 Pugsley Avenue in Bronx within a minute from the call was made.

Apparently, neighbors had reported of a female acting in “an irrational manner,” according to the NYPD.

Shortly after a uniformed sergeant joined the officers who were already present at the 7th floor apartment, the respondent was found in her bedroom, naked, and with a pair of scissors in hand, NBC New York reported.

As the sergeant tried to engage her in a conversation, persuading her to put the scissors down, the subject, after putting down the scissors, grabbed a baseball bat and tried to hit the officer.

Two shots were fired from the sergeant’s service revolver striking the female in the torso. She was then transported to Jacobi Hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

The Force Investigation Division has started an investigation on the matter. Eyebrows are being raised as to why the sergeant did not use the stun gun that he had on him.

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As reported by ABC 7, the officer, after spending eight years in the department, was expected to understand the basic rules which, it seemed, he failed to.

According to police reports, the woman had been the subject of several 911 calls. Neighbors confirmed that the old lady had extensive mental health issues but was fine on her medicines.

Raphelle Gundy, a neighbor, told NBC that she had recently seen the woman in a straitjacket, “hollering and screaming and talking all crazy” as she was brought out.

“I hope and pray by all that’s holy that she’s in peace. I really do. Because she was not at peace in life,” she added.

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Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. condemns the police action calling it totally unacceptable.

“Tonight’s shooting of a mentally disturbed, 66-year-old woman in the 43rd Precinct is an outrage, especially given the New York Police Department’s knowledge of this woman’s history and the police officer’s possession of a stun gun,” he said.

Borough further said that the officers must have tried to talk her down or use the stun gun, and if at all, shot her in her legs.

He also appealed to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and District Attorney Darcel Clark to begin an investigation with immediate effect.

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