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Police To Help Facilitate Protests Against Madison Shooting

Police To Help Facilitate Protests Against Madison Shooting
Image from Flickr by Cliff


Police To Help Facilitate Protests Against Madison Shooting

Madison Police Department

Image from Flickr by Cliff

Unarmed 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot in his apartment following a confrontation with police officer Matt Kenny, the Associated Press reported.

Robinson died Friday night when Kenny forced his way inside after responding to a call from neighbors, authorities said.

“He was unarmed. That’s going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, for the public to accept,” Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said. “Nineteen years old is too young.”

Koval expressed his condolences, assuring his department would defend the rights of protestors. He sought restraints from the African American community while protesting against the killing at the same time.

“For those who do want to take to the street and protest,” Koval began, before continuing that his department will “defend, facilitate, foster those First Amendment rights of assembly and freedom of speech.”

Chants of “Black Lives Matter” echoed around the streets during the protest march on Saturday. The slogan has been adopted across the United States following incidents of killings by the hands of white police officers.

The victim’s family members read a statement made by Robinson’s mother, Andrea Irwin, “I can’t even compute what has happened… I haven’t even had a chance to see his body.”

“I’m not here to do a character workup to someone who lost his life less than 24 hours ago,” Koval said, referring to Tony Robinson’s background.

A neighbor, Doris King, shared with the Wisconsin State Journal a few bits about Tony’s involvement with a robbery.

“He felt he was under a lot of pressure from the others to do what he did,” she said. “He told me he would never do anything like that again.”

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