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Police Arrest Teenage Girl Responsible For Shooting Male Teen Dead

Police Arrest Teenage Girl Responsible For Shooting Male Teen Dead
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Police Arrest Teenage Girl Responsible For Shooting Male Teen Dead

Police are now saying that a 16-year-old shot a 17-year-old man at a convenience store on Tillman Street, killing him.

The Memphis Police Department just announced that they have already arrested suspect Teriyona Winton. She is facing charges in relation to the shooting death of Deago Brown on April 3.

The shooting occurred just after 8:30 PM at 367 Tillman. Winton reportedly shot Brown while at a corner Binghampton grocery store. According to the victim’s mother, Carol Brown, Winton had killed her son intentionally. “She shot him straight to the head so it wasn’t no accident, she wanted to kill my son. And it really broke my heart,” she told Fox 13 Memphis.

Carol was just on her porch when she received word that her son had been killed. “I didn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it,” Carol remarked. “He said, ‘Mama I’m sorry I got some bad news.’ He said they just killed Deago.” Soon as she learned what had happened, Carol rushed to the scene to see her son’s body.

According to Carol, her son was determined to turn his life around at the time of his death. The young teen was previously involved with gangs. However, he soon busied himself with several Binghampton groups such as the Carpenter Art Garden. At the same time, Carol said her son also decided to “give his life to Christ” just a day before his death.

A day before the shooting, Carol said her son came to church with her. And while at the Binghampton Community Center, Brown became more spiritually involved. ” He just touched me on my legs and said, ‘it’s too late.’ I said, ‘Baby it’s not too late,” Carol told WMC Action News 5 in a previous interview. “He got up there and told my pastor Shaun he wanted to give his life to Christ.”

Victim’s mother says she’s forgiven her son’s killer already.

On the other hand, Carol has also said the had already forgiven Winton for killing her son. “If God can forgive with all my sins that I done did, that I commit all the time, then I know that I can do it too,” she said. Nonetheless, she hoped that the suspect would do the right thing. “I pray that her heart would be soft and she turn herself in.”

Following the incident, Memphis police issued a warrant for Winton’s arrest. However, they did not manage to arrest her until recently. Police charged Winton with first-degree murder.

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