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Police Arrest Teen After Answering FaceTime Call From Stolen Phone

Police Arrest Teen After Answering FaceTime Call From Stolen Phone
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Police Arrest Teen After Answering FaceTime Call From Stolen Phone

When police had to find the teen who stole a person’s phone in Central Avenue, they realized all they had to do was to set-up a FaceTime chat. And thanks to their genius plan, they now have the suspect in custody.

Back in April, suspect never returned $600 phone after borrowing it to call a ride home.

The incident took place back in April in Central Avenue. Suspect Chandler Ridge Carlyle of Denton Boulevard had been at a friend’s house. At some point, the 18-year-old requested to borrow a phone to call for a ride home. However, the victim said Carlyle never returned his phone, which was valued at around $600. Instead, the suspect took the phone with him.

Deputy tried to send a text message first.

In order to facilitate the retrieval of the victim’s phone, the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office said that one of its deputies sent a message to phone. He had identified himself and asked for the phone to be returned. However, the deputy did not receive any reply. Following this, he decided to try another approach.

Deputy decides to call up the victim’s phone using FaceTime.

And so, the deputy proceeded to call the victim’s phone via FaceTime chat. This time, Carlyle decided to answer. As he did, the deputy managed to take a snapshot of the suspect. In the said photo, Carlyle appears to be wearing a turban around his head.

Police make an arrest after comparing suspect’s snap with his driver license.

The deputy then proceeded to show the photo to the victim who managed to identify the suspect positively. The deputy also compared the photo he had taken to Carlyle’s driver’s license. On May 21, police managed to obtain a warrant for Carlyle’s arrest. They managed to take him into the custody on the same day.

Suspect has been charged and taken into custody.

Following his arrest, police have now charged Carlyle with grand theft in connection with the April incident. Meanwhile, it is unclear if the teen suspect had managed to make bail.

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