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‘Pokemon Uranium’ Download Link Removed, How To Get Popular Fan Game For Free

‘Pokemon Uranium’ Download Link Removed, How To Get Popular Fan Game For Free
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‘Pokemon Uranium’ Download Link Removed, How To Get Popular Fan Game For Free

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has been a huge hit since it was released, rekindling the old fire in the hearts of fans who grew up following the popular anime. While gamers are busy with Pokemon Go, another game called Pokemon Uranium was made available to the public.

What Is Pokemon Uranium?

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made video game based on the previous games its fans enjoyed over the past several years — from the handheld Gameboy device to the Nintendo 3DS. It has a similar gameplay to previous games but is more difficult and challenging, Kotaku noted.

The Pokemon Uranium game immediately became an instant hit and became a good Pokemon Go alternative to those who have no time to walk outside and play. However, before some fans were made aware of it, the developers decided to shut down official Pokemon Uranium download links.

Pokemon Uranium creators issued a statement, saying that after the game was downloaded more than 1.5 million times, report reached them, asking them to take the game down. While there is no official legal notice from Nintendo, the developers opted to delete their download links, BGR reported.

How To Get Pokemon Uranium For Free

However, the developers knew that Pokemon Uranium will continue to spread. If you are one of the unlucky gamers who failed to download the game before it was taken down, there is still hope.

Of course, there are users out there who are willing to share the copy for free, while there are also gamers who are giving it for a certain price. One need not to spend to get a copy because there are available download links online.

One option is to use the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay. By doing a quick search using the term Pokemon Uranium, gamers will get a list of torrent links of the main game and patches. While this is a good way of getting the intriguing game, one must also know that they should download the game at their own risk.

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