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Pokemon Trading Card Game Comes to iPad

Pokemon Trading Card Game Comes to iPad


Pokemon Trading Card Game Comes to iPad

Pokemon Trading Card Game Comes to iPadThere is good news to iPad and Pokemon Trading Card Games out there. Yes, you have guessed it right. The Pokemon Trading Card Game is expected to arrive on iPad anytime this year. This is according to a reliable source, who is an insider from Kotaku.

Speculations about the popular card trading game coming to the popular tablet from Apple Inc started when YouTube celebrity Josh Wittenkeller recently posted a tweet that features an image of what appears to be Pokemon Trading Card Game that runs on an iPad during the Pokemon World Championships held in Washington D.C.

Pokemon on iPad

Meanwhile,if this development pushed through, it will not be the first time that Pokemon will come to iPad. An online version of Pokemon has been set for several years now. That game is free to play. Novice players can possibly unlock their new cards for decks by beating different AI opponents. A player can also supplement his deck by importing cards that can be purchased or by directly buying more digital cards.

There is no word yet about the functionality of the speculated iPad iteration that the game might have. However, it is presumed that process scanning in retail packs through QR codes can be simplified through the use of camera that is built into many tablets.

If the Pokemon Trading Card Game would be launched, it will be the first official app from The Pokemon Company to hit iPad. No one can tell by now if it would soon go cross-platform. It can be expected that an Android version would be launched not too long after the expected iOS version.

Nintendo effect 

Analysts also think that the possibility of the Pokemon Trading Card Game coming to iPad can be a prelude to many great things for the industry. It can finally convince Nintendo to make some of its efforts available on mobile like the Mario games going to smartphone or the Yoshi game going to tablets.

That may possibly cannibalize Nintendo’s handheld sales but it would surely make more sense. That is because in general, most consumers will surely appreciate playing trading card games on bigger touchscreen devices than on smaller gadgets. 

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