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Pokemon Sun and Moon Release: Nintendo Trolls, Release Confirmed or Not?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Release: Nintendo Trolls, Release Confirmed or Not?
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Release: Nintendo Trolls, Release Confirmed or Not?

Anticipation is building up for the announcement of the Pokemon Sun and Moon release but a new listing may have spoiled the event by a new trademark registry discovery. Furthermore, new reports also came in saying that a Nintendo parody account is attempting to trick outlets into confirming details of the game.

Poised to be announced tomorrow at the Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct briefing, the game’s European trademark registry surfaced giving more details on the Trademark applications and logos. According to a report by Nerdleaks, the listings were filed February 25. This comes on top of the excitement over the supposedly “big news” to be announced this February 26.

However, people are also advised not to take the information seriously because trademark registrations do not necessarily translate to product releases. Likewise, the listings did not mention whether Pokemon Sun and Moon will be games. Gamespot reported that Pokemon Sun and Moon seems to be fan-made game as can be found on Wikia.

According to Forbes, the logos and documentation appear real enough that a number of video game outlets already covered the story. However, many of those outlets also turn to Twitter for official confirmation. A Ninentedo parody account consequently confirmed the release. However, it was not the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

While the account clearly established it was a parody account, the logo and handle looks legitimate enough that several websites were tricked into thinking that the company confirmed the release. VG247, Siliconera, Eurogamer and an IGN unit referred to the parody account, saying that the Pokemon Sun and Moon game exists. More importantly, Forbes pointed out the more pressing matter: video game journalists should be more careful about their sources.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that the game will not entirely be happening. People should just take information with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement.

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