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Pokemon Sun And Moon Release: Evolutions Leak, More Starter Details

Pokemon Sun And Moon Release: Evolutions Leak, More Starter Details
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Pokemon Sun And Moon Release: Evolutions Leak, More Starter Details

Pokemon Sun and Moon is about to hit the market, and more details about the game have cropped up. The game will reportedly feature new versions of classic pocket monsters and Trial Leaders. It will even usher in the best toy ever.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Release

Several things could happen to succeeding Pokémon games after Pokémon GO: they can receive as much hype given the success of the franchise, they can be compared thoroughly, and they can either deliver or disappoint. Such is the hype and attention over Pokémon Sun and Moon, since it will bring in a slightly different experience.

For starters, the trailer and leaks suggested that the Pokémon Sun and Moon will come with new renditions of the classic pocket monsters, new powerful moves to change the tide of the battle, and even Trial Leaders.

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“As someone who loves the franchise, but believes it is in desperate need of an overhaul, this all seemed like music to my ears!” Tom Caswell wrote in his piece for Game Zone.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Details

In the previous month, no one would have believed that Pokémon Sun and Moon will not have gyms, but newest leaks have supported the claim. Kotaku listed a number of features that player should also expect:

  • The starters would evolve into an archer, wrestler, and a siren.
  • “Diamonds,” that are similar to Mega Stones, could prompt Pokémon transformation.
  • New monsters would take after a dolphin, a snowman, and a sea cucumber. There would also be a “football monkey.”

People may have to wait for the actual release to see how the game pars with Pokémon GO. As with all other leaks, all information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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