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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Release Date: November 18 Confirmed!

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Release Date: November 18 Confirmed!
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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Release Date: November 18 Confirmed!

You read that right! The much-anticipated RPG has finally announced its official release date for Nintendo 3DS. After the franchise unveiled Pokemon Sun and Moon’s initial trailer, the news spread like wildfire; however, this vague detail is not enough to keep the community at bay.

Earlier today, Nintendo decided to calm down eager fans with another trailer revealing in-game details. Both games will be adding new characters such as grass, fire and water-type monsters. As described in the official website:

Rowlet: This grass-type Pokemon with the ability to fly might be the most expected character by gamers. It attacks opponents without emitting a sound. Its attacks are unexpected and can come from far away. It is a also long-range attacker with the ability to shoot “razor-sharp leaves.”

Litten: This fire-type Pokemon has only been mentioned as an impassive cat that is logical and passionate. Perhaps this monster is more strategic?

Popplio: This water-type Pokemon is a sea lion which has the ability to swim faster than 25 mph. Although its battle advantages are in water, it can use its “acrobatic stunts and jumps” to its favor during land movements.

The website shows us that these Pokemon are unevolved starters. Pokemon masters would have to train them in battles. It is still unclear as to how many new Pokemon will be included in the game. However, according to Ars Technica, gamers will be able transfer Pokemon from X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and other versions using the Pokemon Bank app. The game will release on November 18. Don’t forget to grab your copy.

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