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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: New Creatures, Gameplay, Starters, Trailer & More

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: New Creatures, Gameplay, Starters, Trailer & More
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‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: New Creatures, Gameplay, Starters, Trailer & More

The internet’s freaking out after the release of the first real Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer. The footage offered a lot of information about new monsters, gameplay and more. So what has Pokemon got everyone raving about?

Thanks to the revelation of Pokémon Sun and Moon starters, people now know that there will be five more Pokemon joining the cast of 722. From the trailer, people will see fire, water and grass-types that trainers can choose starting November 18.

According to Polygon, the availability of the new Pokemon will be around the same time the Nintendo 3DS games launch. More importantly, IGN noted that people can see three starter Pokemon for the Pokemon Sun and Moon, namely Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. There will also be a new region, Alola.

For more details, Rowlet is a grass-and-flying type owl, Popplio is a water-type that appears like a hybrid seal-clown, and lastly, Little is a fire-type kitten. As for Aloha, it appears to be the Hawaii version of Pokemon because it is more tropical compared to the X and Y’s Kalos.

More importantly, it seems like players will be treated to a new city area as shown in the footage. The game’s map was featured hinting the new area that is different from the X and Y’s Lumiose City. There is also a barechested man called Kukui who would be the counterpart of Professor Oak.

After the trailer, the internet got swarmed with reactions. According to Kotaku, one user named Arctic16 commented:

“OK, I came in here very cynically, ready to say that the starters don’t appeal to me at all and generally being pretty negative. Then I watched that trailer.

Oh, god. The feels.”

However, another user named 1076 said: “A fire-type kitten? Why even bother with other starters? Just close up shop. We’ve got the one true starter for this gen.”

Watch the new trailer here. 

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