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Pokemon Sun And Moon Gameplay: 3 New Monsters, Four-player Battle Royales & More

Pokemon Sun And Moon Gameplay: 3 New Monsters, Four-player Battle Royales & More
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Arrive in Late 2016! The Official Pokémon Channel / YouTube


Pokemon Sun And Moon Gameplay: 3 New Monsters, Four-player Battle Royales & More

This year’s Nintendo Treehouse livestream event has officially kicked off, presenting the new and improved Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay. The new gameplay includes three new monsters, a four-player Battle Royale, and a new gaming experience.

New Monsters

Probably the most exciting part of the new gameplay is the introduction of three new monsters. They are Yungoos, Pikapek, and Grubbin. Yungoos is considered as your normal type of Pokemon. Yungoos is also considered a Loitering Pokemon.

Pikapek, both considered a normal and flying Pokemon, was shown in wire form from the latest video teaser released earlier for the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Lastly, Brubbin is a bug-type Pokemon.

Battle Royale

Apart from the introduction of the three monsters in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which will be released on November 18 in the U.S., a multiplayer mode has also been introduced called “Battle Royal.” According to Comic Book, Battle Royal enables players to join a four-way battle, which will be free for all.

This new mode uses a scoring system that determines who will win in the battle between four players. The game will only stop when one player loses his or her Pokemon.

New Gaming Experience

Unlike in previous releases of Pokemon, Sun and Moon sports new, subtle features some would not even notice. The video preview provides a glimpse of how the new Pokemon gameplay would look like. It appears that the new gameplay features a darker screen edge when a player enters the trainer’s field of view, the video game website Kotaku notes.

Trainers will also experience a different feel during the battles as new animations have also been added. Camera angles as well as subtle animations were also improved to give players a fresher experience.

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