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Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Disappoints The World, Except Japan

Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Disappoints The World, Except Japan
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Disappoints The World, Except Japan

April 3rd was the day for Pokemon Sun and Moon lovers as the company had promised to unveil new footage on that day. And the company did, then why is the world disappointed? Because the footage shown was only new to Japanese viewers, not the rest of the world. Read on to know the complete story:

What was unveiled on April 03rd was nothing more than the recycled content of Pokemon Sun and Moon that was originally shown at the Nintendo Direct Event. This was new to the Japanese audience. As per the reports that were doing a round before the footage was released, Junichi Masuda (Director), Shigeru Ohmori (Game Director) and Shigeki Morimoto (Battle Director) were supposed to make an appearance on the Variety show to give out information to players about the game, as well as new features along with the unseen footage. But no unseen footage was shown the daylight.

You can see the Pokemon Sun and Moon footage here:

If you observe the rating of the YouTube video for Pokemon Sun and Moon, you will notice that there are 7,285 upvotes and 14,296 downvotes. People also expressed their disappointment via comments. While one viewer \wrote, “Click bait. I’m glad there’s this many dislikes,” the other commented, “Why don’t you change the title, you know that it’s not the First look anymore.” Another user with poster name Flying Heart said, “Okay I go on a website that talk about pokémon and the only information we get about this show is that they will be more than 10 pokémon in the new game.” In short, not just the footage, but Nintendo has disappointed Pokemon Sun and Moon lovers on all fronts. Let’s see if Nintendo releases any other fresh footage for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as players continue to openly express their disappointment.

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