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Pokemon GO Update: Use PokeVision & Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO Update: Use PokeVision & Catch Rare Pokemon
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Pokemon GO Update: Use PokeVision & Catch Rare Pokemon

What made Pokemon GO stand out from the rest of the games is that it has been synced with the actual world, allowing players to explore both game and environment. Because catching Pokémon has become competitive, people have started turning to a website called PokeVision to help them find all the right Pokémon, including the rare ones.

PokeVision Getting All the Love

People have been using PokeVision in an attempt to find the Pokémon they want or need at any given time. The website basically gives players a kind of treasure map. According to reports, around 16 million people have PokeVision’s site in just six days.

PokéVision’s Y.L. gave Tech Insider an interview, but asked that he and his two colleagues only be identified by their initials. According to the creator, the site has been running crazy since it became live last July 19.

While PokeVision’s platform has been getting data from Pokémon Go’s servers to help users find Pokémon, Y.L. confirmed that there has been no contact between them and Niantic. The report cited that perhaps one of the reasons there has been no contact is that Niantic focused on repairing the game’s frequent server outages. It is the same problem that has plagued PokeVision as well.

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Why PokeVision is Useful

According to The BitBag, PokeVision relies on Google Maps; that is why it can reveal where the exact location of a Pokémon is for a given period. Players can input the address. and it will show what Pokémon could be accessed in that area.

What is even interesting is that since Pokémon do not stay for long in a particular spot, PokeVision will inform players how long the Pokémon will be there by placing a time limit under the creature.

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