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Pokemon Go Update Now Available For Download: There Are New Features – Report

Pokemon Go Update Now Available For Download: There Are New Features – Report
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Pokemon Go Update Now Available For Download: There Are New Features – Report

After the reported decline in the number of downloads to play the app on mobile devices, Pokemon Go has finally received an update.

What could be the interesting features that this new update brings? Will it be enough to entice new players and regain those it has reportedly lost to download the app?

Launched in July this year, the game from Niantic Laboratory and The Pokemon Company instantly became a big hit on the same day it was released. However, a month after, a downward trend was observed.

Heavy reported that Pokemon Go has just been “quietly updated” on Friday for minor bug fixes, especially in the Android devices.

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Tagged as Version 0.39.1, the latest update came only days after Version 0.39.0 was released, as it aimed to address issues that have been reported recently. One of the most common concerns was on the failure in loading text whenever Pokemon Go Plus tutorial was being run.

It was pointed out, though, that since this is just a “minor” update, gamers must not expect too much from it.

What they can be optimistic about is the commitment of Niantic to provide an update every two weeks to give their players a more worthwhile experience. This means that the next update can be expected on Oct. 7.

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Meanwhile, it can be recalled that on Wednesday, the Pokemon Go team used their blog to announce the 0.39.0 update.

“Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS devices,” the announcement read.

The update revealed that apart from minor bug fixes, its availability also marked two major changes: the location where a certain pocket monster was caught is now displayed on screen and trainers can now use Incense with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory when trying to capture the Pokemon they bump into one.

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