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‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Niantic Addresses Missing 3-Step Tracker!

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Niantic Addresses Missing 3-Step Tracker!
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‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Niantic Addresses Missing 3-Step Tracker!

Niantic has had to face a lot of backlash regarding the missing 3-step tracking feature of “Pokemon Go” post-version update. The makers have finally spoken out on Facebook regarding it!

Niantic has had to face a lot of grief over the 3-step tracking feature of the “Pokemon Go” app that is supposed to let the players know which Pokemon is the closest to them in the area and if they are heading in the right direction to obtain it.

When a player neared a particular area, a list of Pokemon icons representing different Pokemon would pop up on the tracker inside the app. Among these Pokemon, the one which is the closest would carry a single footprint symbol below it, while the farthest one would have a maximum of 3 footprints below.

This was popularly known to the “Pokemon Go” players as the 3-step display. This feature was working fine until a month ago when players started complaining that it had developed a glitch.

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According to them, many of them experienced that the feature had frozen up and was displaying incorrect information. The feature reportedly had all the Pokemon showing 3 footprints below them, with no way of telling which one was at what distance.

Niantic promised that they would fix this glitch in the next app update released by them. However, after people installed the latest “Pokemon Go” update, they noticed that Niantic had eliminated the 3-step feature altogether, reports Mirror. This enraged the players even more!

After being bombarded with hate messages and complaints, Niantic has finally addressed the issue and urged “Pokemon Go” players to remain calm, as people at Niantic are trying their best to sort out the issue.

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Niantic To Fix 3-Step Tracker

“We have removed the ‘3-step’ display in order to improve upon the underlying design. The original feature, although enjoyed by many, was also confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals,” wrote Niantic on the Official “Pokemon Go” page on Facebook.

They further wrote that they have curbed the services of all third-party apps that were getting in the way of “Pokemon Go” servers reaching their full potential. Yes, that also means that you can say goodbye to tracking Pokemon through Pokevision.

They also mentioned that they have been “have been working crazy hours to keep the game running” and even though they did not specifically mention a possible date for the re-launch of the tracking feature, one can definitely predict that it is on the horizon.

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