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‘Pokémon GO’ Update: New Cheat Discovered, But When Is Another Update

‘Pokémon GO’ Update: New Cheat Discovered, But When Is Another Update
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‘Pokémon GO’ Update: New Cheat Discovered, But When Is Another Update

Are you already tired of walking around just to catch your much-awaited pocket monsters? A new Pokemon GO cheat might just address that.

While some players might have been admiring the augmented reality game because of giving them the opportunity to exercise while enjoying it, some have reportedly admitted about seeing it as a tiresome experience.

Amid this scenario, a new report has suggested that there could be something that these players can do in order to stop the burden of complaining about their exhausted feet.

According to BGR News, as shared by Yahoo! Tech, this new update, which is actually a hack, has a number of benefits for the Pokemon GO players.

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It was revealed that there are two major tricks that this cheat can provide: the players can fake their location and at the same time, it will also help them decide which among the available Pokémon they can hunt.

By adopting this hack, the gamers no longer need to leave their office or their home just to capture their desired pocket complaining monsters “without the risk of having your ‘Pokémon Go’ account banned.”

What is reportedly even more exciting about this update for the “Pokémon GO” players is the fact that they do not need jailbreak their device.

Accordingly, the players just have to “install a fake app” on the iPhone without even resorting to jailbreak.

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For the tips on how to install the app on iOS, YouTube user iCrackUriDevice has already provided a step-by-step narration of what to do especially with the release of “Pokémon GO” 1.7.0 update for iOS.

The downside of this, though, is that players have to ensure that they execute the process every seven days, “as the hack takes advantage of an Apple feature for developers who don’t want to pay the yearly fee.”

Meanwhile, Otakukart reported that another new update for the Niantic Laboratory-developed game is on its way.

The site dished that this “Pokémon GO” update will give “more stability,” especially “for the Pokémon GO Plus device that allows you to hatch eggs easier and catch Pokémon without using your phone.”

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