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Pokemon GO Update: How to Find the New Pokémon, Holo Glass and More

Pokemon GO Update: How to Find the New Pokémon, Holo Glass and More
Pokemon Go Niantic Official Blog


Pokemon GO Update: How to Find the New Pokémon, Holo Glass and More

It’s like a hail storm that hit the rest of the world when Pokémon GO was released. As the game progresses and the rest of the world joins in the fun, more updates are now available, including possible holo-glass integration, trading systems and new Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Update

Niantic CEO, John Hanke, offered a series of announcements on Pokémon GO’s latest updates. Most of the features revealed will most certainly get more people excited over the matter. These include trading system and integration with holo-glass and a whole lot of features.

According to FX News Call, Pokémon GO is not yet at a level where a Pokémon GO 2 game could be considered. Nonetheless, the original game now has a slew of updates which provides players a fresh take on experience. Initially, Niantic will incorporate a trading system as a form of ode to the classic. Trading has worked so well in the previous generations of Pokémon that it only seems natural to include it in the Pokémon GO edition.

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The interesting part, according to the report, is that Pokémon GO will have a mix of augmented reality and trading. The augmented reality aspect of the game has pushed people to interact with others in the real world. Trading, on the other hand, was the classic way of interacting with players before. Combine these two and there could be a whole new experience. Not to mention Niantic’s plans to include holo-glass support that can be compatible with Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens. Some believe that incorporating these could turn the game into a lifestyle.

Pokémon GO Update Live in Japan

On the other side of the world, Pokémon GO is finally available in its homeland and it comes with a catch. Gamenguide reported that Pokémon GO established a tie with restaurants in Japan. Restaurants in the country are considered as the go-to places where people can catch Pokémon. The report also added that the McDonald’s sponsorship deal means that fast food restaurants will be considered as the primary locations for locating Pokémon. The same applies for gym tie ups where people can exercise their Pokémon best at the specified gyms.

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