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Pokemon GO Tricks: Play Like A Pro, Physical Pokeball Controller Now In The Works

Pokemon GO Tricks: Play Like A Pro, Physical Pokeball Controller Now In The Works
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Pokemon GO Tricks: Play Like A Pro, Physical Pokeball Controller Now In The Works

Tired of wasting Pokeballs on Pokemon GO? This new Kickstarter project might finally be the solution to the art of Pokeball throwing.

Presenting the PoGO controller, a Bluetooth powered device that will allow you to physically throw a Pokeball at a Pokemon. Working in conjunction with the game’s Augmented Reality technology, the device will eliminate the paper-toss aspect of the game.

In the video posted by Now This Future, the controller is currently being developed by Gamer Reality LLC. The “trainer ball” is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter in an effort to raise capital.

Pokemon GO Controller Lets You Play Like A Pro

The Pokemon GO controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth technology. Once thrown, your phone’s camera tracks the ball’s position relative to the Pokemon being captured.

It also has an accelerometer to track your gestures. This allows you to capture Pokemon without actually throwing the ball. Perfect for those hard to reach Pokemon, where throwing the controller means losing it altogether.

And don’t worry about breaking it with all the constant throwing. The “trainer ball” outer shell provides ample protection keeping its internal parts safe.

The ball also doubles as a portable charger, extending your hunt without the need to find an electrical socket. No longer will you be haunted by the one that got away with this new device.

Considering the game’s huge popularity, the Kickstarter campaign could probably raise enough to bring this new product to market. There it will join other products and services, both proprietary and 3rd party, which will supplement the game.

This phenomenon of spin-off products and services has quickly gained traction, as businesses try to become “trainer friendly.” This ranges from giving perks to Pokemon trainers to, as in this case, the creation of supplemental products.

Details regarding date of release, pricing, and availability are still unavailable. However, it can be safely assumed that once the development phase is completed, the Pokemon GO controller will make headlines in the game’s community.

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