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‘Pokemon Go’ Tricks: How To Avoid Permanent Niantic Ban

‘Pokemon Go’ Tricks: How To Avoid Permanent Niantic Ban
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tricks: How To Avoid Permanent Niantic Ban

“Pokemon Go” continues to marvelous run, hooking up players globally. There are however two kinds of players for Niantic’s game, the normal players and the cheaters.

Pokemon Go continues its marvelous run, hooking up players globally. There are however two kinds of players according to Niantic’s game — the normal players and the cheaters.

The normal Pokemon Go players continue their drive, as they level up and fill up their Pokedex with the elusive critters. For the ones using third party apps to make the game easier, their days will be numbered because of the permanent Niantic ban being implemented.

Niantic has apparently had enough of the cheats. They sent out a light warning last week when they addressed the aid that PokeVision gave to players through GPS spoofing.

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It was considered a warning shot. But the fact is there were many other apps available for Pokemon Go players, particularly the Android version.

Appended Pokemon Go FAQ

The drive of Niantic to crack the whip was forthcoming, but their quiet FAQ page update got noticed by some Reddit users. It should be noted that this is not the first time Niantic is cracking the whip on players.

They have banned players before, but were preoccupied with the bugs and flaws Pokemon Go carried. From the looks of it, they have slowly buckled down and now they mean business.

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The targets are the third party app developers and the players. Of the two, the players are the ones likely to end up as eventual losers. Suspect Pokemon Go accounts will likely be determined via their current levels and the time they have spent playing.

Apparently the logs will be able to show if the players made use of a third party app or not. There is also the collection of Pokemon Go characters they have on their end.

Regardless, what is important to note is that there are players who truly enjoy playing the game. Niantic seems serious, but the only way to finally set things straight is to start banning erring players, who recorded achievements the illegal way.

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