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‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date, Hardware, Gameplay Update: Find Out More About ‘Pokemon GO Plus’

‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date, Hardware, Gameplay Update: Find Out More About ‘Pokemon GO Plus’
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‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date, Hardware, Gameplay Update: Find Out More About ‘Pokemon GO Plus’

“Pokemon GO,” the much awaited mobile game from Nintendo and Niantic Labs will finally be released next month.

Along with the game “Pokemon GO Plus,” a hardware device that enables players to access the game without the need take out their phones will also be available.

Worn on the wrist, “”Pokemon GO Plus” allows the player to access the game without the need to take out their phone and will be available for $34.99.

The game uses Augmented Reality (AR) Technology and mobile phones that allow players to search for Pokemon in their own backyards. For a more old-school experience, players can also use the game’s programmed backgrounds.

According to Polygon, “Pokemon GO” has taken a long to time to develop and Nintendo has recently opened field testing for the game in the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

It uses the phone’s camera to have Pokemon appear in their own homes or even the streets of their town and cities.

As the player catches and trains more Pokemon, they gain experience that enables them to become more powerful. They are then given the option to catch even stronger and rarer Pokemon.

Catching multiple Pokemon also rewards the players with candy, an item that lets the player evolve their Pokemon to their next form.

Whether the game will include only the original 150 is still not confirmed. Nintendo has also not yet revealed the details regarding catching Legendaries, although it was previously reported that the company plans to host events in different cities to allow players to catch Legendary Pokemon.

Trading is also not yet implemented as the developers focused on the core experience of the game rather than additional features such as the trade system feature to ensure a smooth launch. Trading will be implemented after the game’s release this July.

‘Pokemon GO’ itself is free to play and will be available on the Appstore and Google Play.

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