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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Where Legendary Pokemon Will Spawn

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Where Legendary Pokemon Will Spawn
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Where Legendary Pokemon Will Spawn

The wait is over! Legendary Pokemon are arriving on “Pokemon Go”! Find out where and when they are due to make their entry.

After what seems like ages of “Pokemon Go” players demanding Niantic to introduce Legendary Pokemon in the game, their wish has finally been granted!

Niantic is in talks with potential sponsors to enter into a deal which would let their business locations become the hub of Legendary Pokemon spawns.

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However, business owners will not be getting the rights to host Legendary Pokemon nests for free. Niantic is demanding a whopping $3,300 for each location.

But then, why would companies pay to have their restaurants and malls be transformed into Pokemon hunting grounds? Because it is bound to attract potential customers to their businesses, reports Game N Guide.

If the past record of “Pokemon Go” players is anything to go by, they are bound to flock into their nearby “sponsored” locations as soon as they learn about Legendary Pokemon spawning at a place near them, reports Cinema Blend.

So, basically, it would be a win-win for both Niantic and the companies who invest in this deal.

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“Pokemon Go” Legendary Pokemon Arrival Facts

Here are the facts that are known about the big arrival of Legendary Pokemon so far:

  • They will be available only in the above mentioned “sponsored” locations, a complete list of which is still unknown since talks are still going on with potential buyers.
  • Elector, Articuno, Moltres, Mew, and Mewtwo are the only Legendary Pokemon which are supposed to spawn in these areas.
  • Ditto, contrary to what people believed, will not spawn alongside other legendary Pokemon, and rightly so. Ditto was never a legendary Pokemon to begin with. It will arrive via an “Easter Egg” at the end of the next month that players probably will have to decode.
  • The big launch is supposed to happen sometime in the next month, that is if Niantic doesn’t decide to pull another Pokemon Plus delay, in which case it might drag on to the next year.
  • The Legendary Pokemon will be made available to every “Pokemon Go” player.

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