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Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Catch Ditto

Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Catch Ditto
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Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How To Catch Ditto

Is it possible to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go? Find out the tricks you can try to unlock Ditto in the Pokedex!

Ditto is the only non-legendary Pokemon that has not yet been caught by any of the “Pokemon Go” players yet. But that is not stopping them from trying everything that they can possibly think of to catch the mysterious Ditto.

Ditto, just like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander is a starter Pokemon, but is the most interesting of the lot. It is basically a purple shapeless blob that can duplicate any Pokemon it encounters. However, if it tries to do so relying on its memory alone, it miserably fails.

According to the Pokemon legends, Ditto is supposed to be a failed attempt at creating Mew and the only power it possesses is to replicate another Pokemon.

When John Hanke, the head of Niantic, was asked during an interview with Tech Crunch if there are ways in which Ditto can be obtained in “Pokemon Go”, he said “I can’t tell you how to find Ditto because that wouldn’t be any fun when you did find him if I did. But it will happen for you. I promise.”

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While this can be interpreted as the fact that Ditto might not be included in the game yet, most players are choosing to stay positive, trusting that unveiling Ditto is another Easter Egg that Niantic has planned for them and they just have not figured out a way to crack it yet.

Ditto Catching Tips

Some of the ongoing theories that are currently at play, and yet to be tried out by the “Pokemon Go” community on Reddit are:

  • Just like the “Eevee Evolution” trick, one has to rename Pikachu to either “Pikacha” or “Pikachan”, because that is what Ditto repeatedly pronounced during his first failed attempt at replicating Pikachu. However, it is unclear as to whether the renaming needs to be done after capturing Pikachu or during evolving it.
  • Ditto may be disguised as a Bulbasaur. One has to turn on augmented reality mode while encountering a Bulbasaur and take a picture of it to see if it transforms into a Ditto after snapping its photo.
  • In addition to Pokeball, Ultra Ball, and Great Ball, one might come across a “Pester Ball” as the game progresses. This multi-colored ball, when thrown at a Bulbasaur, forces it to reveal its true self and players will be confirmed if there is indeed a Ditto disguised as a Bulbasaur.
  • When white arrows appear around the Pokemon one is trying to catch, flip around 180 degrees from the point the Pokemon appears at the center of the screen and point the in-game camera in the opposite direction.
  • Press a Pikachu and see if it makes any noises other than its traditional sound. A unique sounding Pikachu might actually be a Ditto.
  • Ditto might be exclusive to South American regions.

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The Man Who Caught Ditto

For a brief period, all hell had broken loose when a “Pokemon Go” player named  claimed to have been gifted Ditto from Niantic itself!

Apparently, his server had crashed just when he was trying to purchase some items like Pokecoins on Pokemon Go store, causing him to send a mail to Niantic with a formal complaint. Niantic replied apologizing for their server failure and reimbursed him by sending him a bunch of lures, incense and to his surprise, a 1 Km egg.

1 Km egg is something that has never been seen so far in the game, with the players encountering only 2 Km, 5 Km, and 10 Km eggs. When he hatched it, nothing appeared on his screen for a moment or two before revealing that Ditto had gotten registered on his Pokedex!

He immediately posted a video on social media which clearly showed him in possession of Ditto, which made the “Pokemon Go” community fly into a frenzy. However, by the time he was interviewed by a Redditor called “/u/validproof”, his Ditto was gone!

Niantic locked his account briefly after sending him a second mail which said that they had mistakenly gifted him an “unreleased” Pokemon and hence, had to retract that offering and replace it with 10 extra lucky eggs.

So Ditto still remains an elusive Pokemon, with people still trying to catch it.


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