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Pokémon Go Tips: Save Battery & Level Up Monsters

Pokémon Go Tips: Save Battery & Level Up Monsters
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Pokémon Go Tips: Save Battery & Level Up Monsters

Pokémon Go is now available nearly across the globe, and players will most likely wonder how to push their monsters to become stronger and evolve. There are several tricks to these, including not draining the device battery in the process.

Saving Battery from Pokémon Go

It would be any gamers’ dream to play and avoid draining their device’s battery. Apparently, several reports have surfaced claiming that the new Pokémon game is eating up a lot of device battery due to the considerable internet and intensive GPS usage. Fortunately, there may be ways to save the battery so players can enjoy the game further.

According to Mobi Picker, players can start saving their device’s battery by turning on the Power Save Mode. Users can find a built-in power saver option inside Pokémon GO settings. The option can reduce the game’s GPS usage and refocuses the reliance on cellular data instead.

Smartphones also have a native power saving mode that users can take advantage of. However, people will need to enable the GPS mobile data/WiFi options. Decreasing brightness can also help salvage some of the power.

Bring down the phone’s display’s brightness to avoid sucking out the life of the device. GPS systems usually work harder due to additional frequencies, so it could be a good idea to play in an open space so GPS can track locations better. This will reduce the strain on the battery life.

Leveling Up a Pokémon

As for leveling and evolving Pokémon, users have to remember that Pokémon Go does not follow a traditional battle structure, according to iDitigalTimes. This means that players will not gain experience from defeating other trainers’ Pokémon.

One way to make a Pokémon stronger is to catch the same Pokémon. Once you catch a monster, you will get two items. The first is Stardust that will be gifted to trainers once they catch a Pokémon. The second is a Pokémon-specific candy needed along with the first item to push the monster’s level to a notch higher.

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