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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokevision Banned, How To Track Pokemon Now

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokevision Banned, How To Track Pokemon Now
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokevision Banned, How To Track Pokemon Now

Niantic, the maker of “Pokemon Go” has banned most third party apps recently including Pokevision. How can you track Pokemon near you now?

While you may not believe it, there are still a couple of ways with which you can track Pokemon on “Pokemon Go”, even though you might not be able to use the originally available cheats like Pokevision anymore.

If you are under the impression that the built-in tracker, within the app, will be enough to assist you in tracking Pokemon, you are sadly mistaken. In an attempt to fix the three-step glitch in its tracker, Niantic has temporarily done away with the feature altogether, leading to a world of confusion.

More often than not, the “Pokemon Go” tracker freezes up, often relaying the same information for hours, even though you have long passed the location and moved on. Here are a few tips that you can try in tracking Pokemon at present:

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Tip #1: Restart “Pokemon Go” at intervals. This refreshes the “nearby” list on your in-app tracker and makes you be sure that the Pokemon listed on it are still available in that area and have not disappeared after you have walked a fair amount of distance.

Tip #2: Download Ingress Map. While it is less effective than Pokevision and will not indicate which Pokemon has been spotted where with tiny Pokemon icons, it will definitely let you know the location of nearby Pokemon in the area and even hint at possible Pokemon nests. The denser the white XM dots, the greater the accumulation of Pokemon at a spot.

Tip #3: People living in major metropolitan areas can use a site called “Skiplagged”, reports Heavy. The map available on this site does not use Niantic server to pinpoint the location of the Pokemon. Hence, Niantic hasn’t managed to shut it down yet. It collects its info from players who play “Pokemon Go” and have confirmed certain Pokemon sightings.

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Tip #4: IOS users can download “Go Radar” app that uses similar theory as Skiplagged, but includes an additional scanner that scans and filters Pokemon.

Also, Trainer Tips, one of the “Pokemon Go” experts on YouTube, had pointed out that the location of Pokemon nests may depend on Google keywords of area names, instead of plain geographical terrain.

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