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‘Pokémon Go’ Tips: Pokémon That Have The Strongest Attack, Defense & HP

‘Pokémon Go’ Tips: Pokémon That Have The Strongest Attack, Defense & HP
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‘Pokémon Go’ Tips: Pokémon That Have The Strongest Attack, Defense & HP

Catching Pokemon is not the only aspect of “Pokemon Go” that you need to master in order to become the champion of the game. You need to know which Pokemon can win you matches too!

Every Pokemon in “Pokemon Go” has 3 vital statistics – Attack, Defense, and HP (Stamina) – by means of which they take on other Pokemon in the Pokemon Gym and eventually attempt to dominate the Gym, after lowering its prestige.

If you want to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer, you have to know the in and out of the Pokemon you capture and that includes knowing which Pokemon to enter into a fight based on their vital statistics.

When one attempts to establish his team in a particular Pokemon Gym, he has the option of choosing 6 of his strongest Pokemon to fight it out against some of the best defending Pokemon the Gym has to offer, reports VG247.

Knowing your Pokemon in and out will enable you to select a team with a varied range of strength and weaknesses, reports EuroGamer. For example, a Pokemon with an impressive attacking skill but very low defense tactics will end up getting bruised easily if it’s up against a stronger opponent.

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Here is a list of the top 5 Pokemon when it comes to highest vital/base statistics:

  • Attack: Mewtwo (284), Dragonite (250), Moltres (242), Flareon (238), Zapdos (232).
  • Defense: Articuno (242), Blastoise (222), Mew (220), Dragonite (212), Hitmonchan (204).
  • Stamina (HP): Chansey (500), Snorlax (320), Wigglytuff (280), Lapras (260), Vaporeon (260).

To sum it up, if considered overall, Mewtwo, Dragonite, Mew, Articuno, and Snorlax are the top 5 prized Pokemon out there. Any true Pokemon trainer always aspires to get their hands on these 5 if he wishes to become the best “Pokemon Go” player in the world.

How many of Pokemon from above do you currently possess?

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