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Pokemon Go Tips: How To Level Up Effectively With ‘Evolution Calculator’

Pokemon Go Tips: How To Level Up Effectively With ‘Evolution Calculator’
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Pokemon Go Tips: How To Level Up Effectively With ‘Evolution Calculator’

Pokemon GO is already taking the world by storm and the joy of catching is quickly being replaced by the joy of evolving. But with candies being not so easy to obtain, is there a much more efficient to make your Pokemon stronger other than trial and error?

Apparently there is with the Evolution Calculator. The tool predicts what the Pokemon will evolve into based on its CP (combat power) and multipliers from the community.

According to BGR, at a glance it’s impossible to tell how powerful a Pokemon will be after it has evolved. And after spending a ton of candies to evolve it, there might not be enough to power it.

According to the toolkit website, the Evolution Calculator is useful in deciding whether evolving your Pokemon would be worth it. It does this by determining whether the evolved Pokemon’s CP is higher without having you resort to trial and error.

Play Smart Not Hard

The PoGOToolkit also provides you with data such as the multiplier, max CP as well as the required number of candies. And while this isn’t the mother of all tools, it certainly is a useful one.

If a Bulbasaur with 100 CP evolves into a Venusaur, it would have a CP of 183 – 252. A ways off from its max combat power of 2580 and a total waste of candy.

With the majority of catches being not-so-rare Pokemon, efficiency is the key to become the very best. And while you can still trade your captured Pokemon for candies, Pokeballs isn’t as cheap.

So before you walk yourself into a model’s physique, use the Evolution Calculator to play smart not hard. Always remember that the whole world is you biggest rival when it comes to Pokemon.

So don’t fret that it wasn’t you caught that elusive Dragonite when you can beat it to a Pokepulp with your overpowered Venusaur. Check out the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator here.

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