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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Throw Pokeball & Catch Pokemon Every Time

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Throw Pokeball & Catch Pokemon Every Time
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Throw Pokeball & Catch Pokemon Every Time

To “catch ‘em all”, you have to make sure that you throw them all in a correct way! So what is the ultimate way of throwing Pokeballs that makes you catch Pokemon every time?

Isn’t it frustrating to come across a Dratini and be Pokeball-less? This is why it is important to make all your Pokeballs count and not just let them go to waste, lest the next PokeStops is miles away and it would take hours for you to get a Pokeball refill.

Preserving your Pokeballs becomes more important when you hit higher levels like 20+ when you are awarded Ultra balls and Great balls. Since they are limited in stock, it’s best to not miss any while you are trying to aim them as rare Pokemon.

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Here are some Pokeball flinging tips to help you get your Pokemon as well as score the maximum XP doing it:

Tip #1: Clear the view. If you have spotted a Pokemon in the middle of a park where a ton of children are playing and you run the risk of getting knocked over, tap on the Pokemon on your screen, move to a safe and zone and start the encounter. The Pokemon will still be there and you will be able to concentrate better.

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Tip #2: Instead of targeting the white circle surrounding the Pokemon, try to hit the shrinking colored circle inside it for a chance at scoring additional XPs. Also if you are targeting the smaller colored circle, you will definitely end up hitting the bigger white circle, if you happen to miss your original target.

Tip #3: A Curve Ball is the best bet of catching a rare Pokemon. Just hold the Pokeball with your finger and start vigorously rotating it within half an inch radius for a few second and then throw it at the Pokemon.

Tip #4: Turn off augmented reality. While this might be less fun, it has been proven to work great for working the Curve Ball tactic, reports LifeHacker.

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Tip #5: If you encounter a Pokemon with red circles emitting around it, it means that it will definitely give you a hard time catching it. Calm it down first by tossing in a Razzberry and then proceed to throw in your Pokeball or Ultra ball.

Tip #6: For Pokemon that is ranked higher in Pokedex, try using a Great Ball or Ultra Ball if Pokeball does not work.

‘Pokemon Go’ Update

However, according to Forbes, catching Pokemon has gone much harder ever since players downloaded the latest “Pokemon Go” update from Niantic. More Pokemon are breaking free of Pokeballs and a greater number of Pokeballs are going to waste.

It has not yet been proven if it’s something that Niantic deliberately planned to make the game much harder or just a bug in the system.

Recent evidence was the fact that in one of the videos of YouTube’s “Trainer Tips”, Nick, one of the “Pokemon Go” experts, ended up using 4 Razzberries, 5 Pokeballs, 3 Great Balls and 2 Ultra Balls in an attempt to catch a Raichu in the South Gate Park and had it break free every time!

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