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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get 30 Ultra Balls In 5 Steps

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get 30 Ultra Balls In 5 Steps
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get 30 Ultra Balls In 5 Steps

If you are going to “catch them all,” you have to stock up on Poke balls! So how can you get your hands on 30 Ultra Balls in “Pokemon Go”?

If you are an ardent player of “Pokemon Go” and have also tried your hand at playing the previous Pokemon games as well, you would know that it takes quite a while to score the first Ultra Ball. This is due to the unfortunate rule that one cannot buy Ultra balls from Pokemon store.

It is solely by leveling up that you are finally awarded Ultra Balls. You have to reach Level 20 to receive your very first Ultra Ball, reports Heavy, unlike Poke balls which you possess from the beginning of the game or Great Balls which show up at Level 12.

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“Pokemon Go” Tips

This is because possessing Ultra Balls gives you a chance to catch some of the rarest Pokemons in the game, which in turn helps you in leveling up faster. Here are a few tips to help you acquire 30 Ultra Balls:

Tip #1: Know where the nearest PokeStops are. Once you unveil Ultra Balls in level 20, you will be able to collect Ultra Balls just like Poke balls from the PokeStops. Hitting consecutive PokeStops makes you collect Ultra Balls much faster!

Tip #2: Reach level 30 as fast as possible. Though it might seem impossible to do, reports Heavy, it is possible and has been accomplished by some of the players already. When you reach level 30, you get awarded with 30 new Ultra Balls!

Tip #3: Save up your Ultra Balls. While your fingers might itch to use an Ultra Ball, it is best to curb that feeling until your reach higher levels in the game.

Tip #4: Make sure that you don’t unnecessarily waste your Ultra ball by missing your shot. Take your shot after you have fed the Pokemon a Razz Berry, reports Comicbook.

Tip #5: You could also try retrieving the Ultra balls that missed its target by tapping on them as soon as they go off target, even though this strategy is just a rumor and has not been proven to work.

For the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ Tips, please stay tuned in to this site.

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