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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Rare Pokemon in 5 steps

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Rare Pokemon in 5 steps
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Rare Pokemon in 5 steps

Acquiring just a few rare Pokemon on “Pokemon Go” can turn the game in your favor but how do you get your hands on them? Don’t worry, we have the answers right here!

Finding Rare Pokemon

If you are a fan of Pokemon Series, you will know that you might try moving heaven and earth and yet end up empty-handed when it comes to rare Pokemon. There are no set of fixed rules for finding a rare Pokemon since they are strategically placed in a way that only an ardent “Pokemon Go” gamer can find.

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However, we have some useful tips that have been proven to help find the rarest of Pokemon with ease.

Tip #1: Subscribe to the monthly newsletter of Pokemon Trainer Club. If you are a loyal member of the club, they might provide you at times with unique codes for finding a rare Pokemon.

Tip #2: There is a greater chance of finding a rare Pokemon if you vary the destinations of your exploration. For example, try to cover vast expanses of different parts of the globe, rather than sticking to a single country or place. Also, you may want to consider traveling to a wide array of geographical terrains such as mountains, plains etc, reports Digg.

Tip #3: Rare Pokemon has a knack of showing up in uncanny places where you would least expect it, reports TwinFinite. Instead of choosing a well-known place, try choosing one with an odd and the least-heard-of name.

Tip #4: Run towards golden leaves! Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, there have been reports coming in of people getting rewarded with some form of a rare Pokemon almost every time that they rushed towards some golden leaves that have magically appeared on their “Pokemon Go” map.

Tip #5: Level up as fast as you can. People who are at a higher level in the game are most likely to encounter a rare Pokemon on their adventure.

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