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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Fire Pokemon In 5 Steps

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Fire Pokemon In 5 Steps
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Fire Pokemon In 5 Steps

If you have been wracking your brains (and your poor legs) on where to find rare Pokemon in “Pokemon Go,” you probably know that a Fire Pokemon is one of the hardest to locate. So how can one catch a Fire Pokemon easily?

The beauty and frustration of “Pokemon Go” lie in the fact that that there is no fixed formula to do anything within the game. If your friend has discovered a rare Pokemon by a tree , this does not always mean that you will be able to do the same. It is a game of trial and error.

The same goes for discovering Fire Pokemon. Fire Pokemons such as Charmeleon, Charmander, Charizard and Vulpix are some of the rare ones that do not easily show themselves on a Pokemon Go map. Here is a list of factors that increases the probability of you finding one of them in your nearby area!

Fire Pokemon Catching Tips

Tip #1: Fire Pokemon and Ground Pokemon go together. This means that the places which are more likely to offer Ground or Rock Pokemon are also the places which will give you a Fire Pokemon, that is if you are patient enough!

Tip #2: If you live in an arid climate, half of your job is done, reports iMore. Fire Pokemons are fond of dry and warm climate, unlike Water and Grass Pokemons. So people living in California can start rejoicing already! However, people living in more rain-prone areas might want to hop down to the beach on the weekends to see if lady luck is kind enough to offer up a Fire Pokemon.

Tip #3: Try and level up faster. Leveling up not only increases your chances of finding the rarest of Pokemons but also alerts you of the presence of a rare Pokemon like a Fire Pokemon faster than the player who is in the same area but at a lower level in the game.

Tip #4: Parks and parking lots work too. Since one does not encounter forest fires regularly in one’s life, it is safe to say that a “Pokemon Go” player does not need to be in the proximity of an actual fire to catch a Fire Pokemon, reports TwinFinite. This is another thing that Fire and Ground Pokemons have common. They do not have any specific terrain that they stick to. Just look for them in common places such as parks, parking lots or gas stations.

Tip #5: Hang out more at PokeStops! Locate nearby PokeStops and make your way there. These places offer some of the really rare Pokemons in the game. It is also a great place to start a conversation with fellow wannabe Pokemon trainers. Who knows, you might learn a trick or two about where to find Fire Pokemon!

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