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‘Pokemon Go’ Excellent Throw Hack: How To Avoid Throwing Pokeballs Too Far

‘Pokemon Go’ Excellent Throw Hack: How To Avoid Throwing Pokeballs Too Far
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‘Pokemon Go’ Excellent Throw Hack: How To Avoid Throwing Pokeballs Too Far

After Niantic more or less managed to stabilize its servers after the recent “Pokemon Go” update, it has unwittingly generated a bug that is messing up the Pokeball targeting tactic!

Are you Pokeballs flying off to some distant planet when you are trying to throw it just 2 feet away? Don’t worry it’s not your fault. It’s a bug that has found its way into “Pokemon Go” and is practically eating up the Pokemon throwing action.

Players are seen complaining all sorts of bizarre things happening to their Pokeballs including frequently missing their targets by not just inches but miles, curving when one is not even attempting to throw a curve ball and, of course, Pokemon refusing to stay in a Pokeball.

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‘Pokemon Go’ Bugs

A Redditor called “CloakedSpartanz” criticized the bug affecting Pokeball throwing, stating that it might be a bug that has been deliberately inserted into the game by Niantic itself in order to lead more people to spend cash in order to buy Pokeballs.

The user also showed his frustration at the bug by pointing out that he had to spend 35 great balls just to catch a Pidgeot! “A few I genuinely missed due to distance, while the rest simply decided to curve and fly off the screen like they had just been attacked from behind by a vicious man with jumper cables,” he said.

In a similar complaint, another Redditor wrote: “I’ve been experiencing this bug lately and was curious to know if these issues were also occurring for anyone else. Trying to bring this to the attention of Niantic so they can fix it.”

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The following are some of the tips to avoid wasting Pokeballs by throwing it too far:

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Tip #1: Do not panic once the encounter with a Pokemon starts, even though Pokemon spawns are disappearing faster than usual. Freaking out and trying to hurry always makes hitting your target with a Pokeball a lot difficult.

Tip #2: According to Heavy, try throwing more curve balls. Overthrowing has been seen less with curveballs than normal aims.

Tip #3: Try to avoid throwing the Pokeball at the same time that the Pokemon that you have encountered attempts to attack.

Tip #4: Try sitting down before you begin an encounter. This helps stabilize your hands and nerves.

Tip #5: Turn off the Augmented Reality mode. Makes it easier to aim and catch Pokemon.

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