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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get Pikachu Gold, What To Buy With Pokecoins

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get Pikachu Gold, What To Buy With Pokecoins
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Get Pikachu Gold, What To Buy With Pokecoins

Pokecoins or Pikachu Gold always goes a long way in “Pokemon Go”, especially if you want to buy something from the “Pokemon Go”. So how can you get your hands on some gold in the game?

Pokecoins can always come in handy at any level of the game if you do not want to bore a sizeable hole in your wallet that is. Here are some tips to help you secure Pikachu Gold in “Pokemon Go”:

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Tip #1: Pit your Pokemon against as many Pokemon trainers as you can in the Pokemon Gyms, reports Digital Spy. For every match that you win against a trainer from an opponent Pokemon Team, you stand to win Pokecoins!

Tip #2: If you manage to take over a Gym, after defeating every defending Pokemon trainer, you will continue to win gold, until someone else manages to defeat your Pokemon and knock it out of the Gym, reports Gamerant. Even 20 hours that you hold a Gym, you will win 10 Pokecoins.

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Tip #3: If you happen to come across a Gym that has already your Pokemon Team flag over it, all you have to do is leave one of your stronger Pokemon (but never the strongest) with that Gym. While this may leave you lacking a Pokemon or two (you can enroll a maximum of 10 Pokemon in different Gyms), you will definitely end up a lot richer.

Tip #4: Lastly, the traditional way to acquire Pokecoins is, of course, using real cash to buy some from the “Pokemon Go” Store.

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While it might be tempting for you to spend your hard-earned Pokecoins on everything that you see in the store, try not to waste them by buying items such as Pokeballs, which you can easily get from the million PokeStops around your area.

Instead, use Pokecoins to buy Incense and Lures that can attract Pokemon, especially, at present, when people are finding it extremely difficult to find and catch Pokemon post-app update last week.

While the Incense lures wild Pokemon out of hiding and towards your location, the Lures are supposed to attract Pokemon towards your nearby PokeStop.

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