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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Clefairy Reportedly Spawns During Full Moon

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Clefairy Reportedly Spawns During Full Moon
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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Clefairy Reportedly Spawns During Full Moon

True to the age-old Pokemon lore, Clefairy in “Pokemon Go” also spawns during full moon nights!

Niantic has done well to pay tribute to the Pokemon lore and traditions that Pokemon fans have grown up observing. One of these traditions is, of course, the fact that Eevee can evolve into 3 different Pokemon, Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon, if you nickname it correctly.

This little hint was discovered way back and was Niantic’s was of paying ode to the three Eevee brothers who were featured in the original Pokemon series and were Eevee trainers.

However, in 2016 Comic Con, the makers of “Pokemon Go” hinted that the secret of Eevee evolution wasn’t the only “Easter egg” that players were supposed to find. There are quite a few surprises along the way that ardent “Pokemon Go” players are likely to discover as they progress in the game.

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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Niantic wasn’t kidding when it talked of “Pokemon go” hiding interesting surprises that only Pokemon fans can figure out. Recently, a few “Pokemon Go” experts decided to check out if Clefairy spawns were dependent on a very important factor – a full moon night.

And what they discovered through repeated testing was incredible!

In the old lore or Pokemon TV series, Clefairy had some kind of a ritual that they performed on full moon nights. This is why Pokemon hunters came across huge groups of Clefairy dancing on full moon nights. In the Pokedex” too, Clefairy is described as: “On every night of a full moon, groups of this Pokemon come out to play.”

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Clefairy Nests

In order to test out that theory and find out if Niantic had incorporated that significant detail into the game, “Pokemon Go” expert Nick of Trainer Tips went out on a Pokemon hunt an hour and a half before the moon was said to reach its fullest.

While nothing much happened in the first hour, as he roamed around a Pokemon hotspot in Hawaii, miraculously as the clock closed in on a full moon, two Clefairy and a Clefable (evolved Clefairy) materialized in the area!

However, there have been mixed responses from “Pokemon Go” players, on this topic, when it was recently raised on Silph Road’s discussion forum. Some players confirmed that they did see a greater number of Clefairy spawn during a full moon and some said that they saw no such change.

Did you find any Clefairy spawns when you were playing “Pokemon Go” on a full moon night? Let us know!

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