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Pokemon Go: How To Spot Fakes & Get More Out Of Settings

Pokemon Go: How To Spot Fakes & Get More Out Of Settings
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Pokemon Go: How To Spot Fakes & Get More Out Of Settings

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm but it has brought a series of threats with it. For users, the best thing to do is to know how to spot the right Pokémon Go app, and to know the right settings to take advantage of the game further. 

Fake Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has a lot of people on board, but those excited to join in the fun should be careful of finding the right app. While there have been real-life threats linked to the game, there are also threats online. Some users are reporting fake APK files of the game.

Users are advised to be wary of these APKs because they contain malware that could cause problems for devices. According to Proofpoint, infected Android versions of the mobile game were linked to a malware that allows hackers to have control over the device. Should the device be part of a corporate network, the entire system could be affected.

“In this case, Proofpoint researchers discovered an infected Android version of the newly released mobile game Pokémon GO [1]. This specific APK was modified to include the malicious remote access tool (RAT) called DroidJack (also known as SandroRAT), which would virtually give an attacker full control over a victim’s phone,” the organization said.

To see if their devices have been infected, people can check the SHA256 hash of the downloaded APK. They can also see the installed application’s permissions via Settings -> Apps -> Pokémon GO then to the PERMISSIONS section.

Tweaking the Settings

For some tips on getting the most out of the settings, some things people could as reported by Android Central include:

  • Accessing the Main Menu: Open Map View, choose Main Menu (the Poke Ball at the end of the screen), Settings > choose menu time.
  • Music: automatically enabled, so users should not be surprised when the tune comes on as they head out to play. They have the option to toggle the music off.
  • Sound Effects: enabled automatically. Like the music, users can toggle the sound effects off.

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