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Pokémon Go Secrets Unveiled Plus New Wrist Accessory Available Soon

Pokémon Go Secrets Unveiled Plus New Wrist Accessory Available Soon
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Pokémon Go Secrets Unveiled Plus New Wrist Accessory Available Soon

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and competition now relies on how to catch Pokémon in the best and easiest way including how to progress in the levels as conveniently as possible. Fortunately, some people have the time and patience to put together a sort of Pokémon Go Bible that gives players the chance to take advantage of the game as much as possible.

Pokémon Go Bible

Initially, the developers wanted to create an in-person trading network where people can swap monsters with each other. However, the plans were halted thanks to Niantic’s decision to stop including in-game trading, This prompted the developers to shift their focus on research with beta testers in New Zealand, Japan, and elsewhere.

Otherwise known as the guys who cracked Pokémon Go wide open, the developers also revealed to Gizmodo that through what they developed, people are able to find and input information on every creature and species in the game. These also included a database of information talking about level, move-set, proximity to bodies of water, moon phase, and cloud cover. More important, over 70 other data points were included on top of the Google Maps.

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This eventually became the Pokémon Go cheat sheet. Players can even find details on which moves can cause the most damage against their enemies. However, while the research is accessible to everyone, they have limited the sign-ups of “travelers” because of personal and practical reasons.

Silph’s servers are seeing a huge traffic that puts a strain to them and affects functionality. Nonetheless, the platform could be helpful for anyone looking for information on how to take advantage of their Pokémon Go game.

Pokémon Go Wrist Accessory

Pokémon Go players can also look forward to more exciting things as a new wrist accessory is reportedly in the works. Previously, Nintendo announced that it will release a wrist accessory late July to help players stay on top of their game and without the need to take their phones out for Pokémon Go.

The accessory will supposedly be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy to a person’s Android/iOS phone and alerts the player with vibrations and LED flashes to nearby Pokéstops and Pokémon. However, the promise will have to be delayed to September. According to Android Police, the device release is bumped to September. As the tweet goes:

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