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Pokemon Go Satanic: Evil Spirits & Satanic Rituals Evoked While Playing!

Pokemon Go Satanic: Evil Spirits & Satanic Rituals Evoked While Playing!
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Pokemon Go Satanic: Evil Spirits & Satanic Rituals Evoked While Playing!

Questions whether the extremely popular mobile game Pokemon Go is addictive or even satanic has evoked debates across different parts of the world. In Hong Kong, for example, a text message has been circulating, urging the local Christian community to avoid playing the game, as it is potentially “addicting and satanic.”

Following the release of the augmented reality gaming app in largely Buddhist Hong Kong, a text message is doing the rounds, urging the community to stop using the app. The text message claims that playing the game encourages people to play with evil spirits, the South China Morning Post reported.

Pokemon Go Satanic in HK?

In the report, local pastor Reverend Sam Chung Shu-sum confirmed to have received the text message the past week. But Chung said users have the free will to use the app.

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“There are Christians talking about not playing the game … and I agree that you can choose not to play it to avoid getting addicted,” Chung said. “But while new [trends] are always attractive or even potentially addictive, ­Christians could also make good use of them,” Chung was quoted as saying by the SCMP.

Pokemon Go Ban in Russia

On the other side of the world, in Russia, government authorities claimed that playing the game could potentially threaten and even “destabilize” the Russian society. Instead, the Russian government is reportedly planning to develop its own version of the app, the Times of Moscow reported.

The game hasn’t been launched in Russia yet. But Pokemon fans have figured ways to go around the unavailability of the app in their country. Some may register the app from other countries or side-load the app using proxy servers.

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While Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov is not supportive of the game’s total ban in the country, he suggested that its use should be regulated as it could be used potential to derail the country’s national security.

“I’m starting to suspect that intelligence services might have contributed to this app,” Nikiforov was quoted as saying by the Times of Moscow.

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