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Watch: ‘Pokémon GO’ Player Rickeybot Mugged, Assaulted While Live Streaming From Central Park [Video]

Watch: ‘Pokémon GO’ Player Rickeybot Mugged, Assaulted While Live Streaming From Central Park [Video]
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Watch: ‘Pokémon GO’ Player Rickeybot Mugged, Assaulted While Live Streaming From Central Park [Video]

Two months after Pokemon GO was launched, the augmented reality game has continuously made headlines despite the reported decline in app downloads.

However, this new report linking to the widely-popular game from The Pokémon Company and Niantic Laboratory is no good news.

While the victim was roaming around Central Park on Sunday to catch some pocket monsters, Rickeybot met an incident that might have risked his life.

According to Heavy, the streamer was streaming live his quest for Pokémon via Twitch when a man suddenly attacked him.

Twitch is a website dedicated for gamers who want to broadcast live their performance while they are playing video game like the Pokemon GO.

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As narrated by the victim, the assault caused him to suffer a “messed” jaw.

“I got mugged playing Pokemon GO in Central Park. Still talking to police and will go to hospital soon,” he posted online. “My jaw is a mess. Thanks all.”

While he was being attacked by his perpetrator, the camera went on rolling which got his fans shocked upon realizing that he was actually mugged while playing the Japanese game title. With this, the face of the suspect was easily recognized.

Following the assault, Rickeybot’s Twitch account has been temporarily shutdown for 24 hours so that there would be no way the suspect could tamper the video which has documented the incident while doing livefeed to the internet users.

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Meanwhile, the report noted that this is not the first incident that involved a Pokemon GO player.

Back in July, three teenagers were also mugged while enjoying the app.

Detective Superintendent Joanne Rawlinson even pointed out at the time that “criminals move quickly to exploit the latest developments to target victims and Pokemon GO’will already be in their sights.”

In the meantime, some internet users have speculated that Rickeybot’s appearance might have motivated the suspect to attack him.

“Typical nigger attacking the weakest looking guy and by surprise too. And they claim to be tough and brave?” one internet user commented.

Do you think there is truth to the theory behind the incident affecting the Pokemon GO player?

Watch the video here.

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