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‘Pokémon Go’ Release Date, Gameplay, Features and Everything We Know So Far

‘Pokémon Go’ Release Date, Gameplay, Features and Everything We Know So Far
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‘Pokémon Go’ Release Date, Gameplay, Features and Everything We Know So Far

Catch, train and battle Pokémon with Niantic’s new augmented-reality mobile game Pokémon Go. Here are some details that will get you up to speed about the latest free-to-play app that’s taking over iOS and Android devices around the globe.

Pokémon Go Concept

The general idea behind Pokémon Go is that players can catch Pokémon at home, in school or around their neighborhood. The game requires GPS to be enabled since it uses real-world locations to fuel its gameplay features.

Pokémon Go Areas

Twinfinite pointed out that local landmarks will act as the game’s Poké Stops. These are areas where players can get Poké Balls or Incense to lure Pokémon into their direction. Poké Stops are marked on the game map as blue circles with a Poké Ball on top. Players must stand close to it in order to access the shop menu.

Gyms are also important in the game. It is where players can battle or train their Pokemon. Players need to be in close proximity to a Gym to fight with other players. Unlike in classic Pokémon games, players can’t pick fights in random places in Pokémon Go, as per

Pokémon Go Catching Monsters

As players walk around with the game active on their mobile devices, they will be notified by a buzz sound indicating that a Pokémon is close by. The Pokémon will then be visible on the player map. Touching the Pokémon will activate encounter mode, where players can attempt to capture the Pokémon.

IGN noted that players can toggle off AR/camera mode to make the capture process less strenuous. After disabling AR/camera mode, players would have an easier time walking up to the Pokémon to try and catch it.

Pokémon Go Availability

The augmented-reality mobile game first released in the US and Australia on July 6, 2016. It has since been made available in Japan and New Zealand, with wider global availability coming soon.

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