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‘Pokemon Go’ News: Rare Pokemon Vaporeon Spotted In Central Park!

‘Pokemon Go’ News: Rare Pokemon Vaporeon Spotted In Central Park!
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‘Pokemon Go’ News: Rare Pokemon Vaporeon Spotted In Central Park!

One of the rare Pokemons, Vaporeon was spotted in Central Park on Thursday night. Find out what happened next!

“Pokemon Go” is hitting new levels of craziness. On Thursday night, a crowd of people, all staring anxiously at their smartphones, rushed to Central Park at the same time! While some arrived in cabs, others seemed out of breath from running at lightning speed.

Before the police could make any head or tail of it, people were elbowing the ones next to them to reach to a specific spot first. What was so special about that particular spot? Vaporeon, a rare Pokemon had materialized on that spot on “Pokemon Go,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

Rare Pokemon In ‘Pokemon Go’

According to PokemonDB, Vaporeon is a Bubble Jet Pokemon whose “hidden” power consists of hydration. It is the evolved form of the Pokemon Eevee.

“Pokemon Go” is notoriously known for surprising people by letting rare Pokemons pop up at unexpected locations around the city. Once such a rare Pokemon is spotted, no wannabe Pokemon trainer, who is playing at the time, wants to miss out on the opportunity to catch that Pokemon.

Catching rare Pokemons that are listed in the Pokedex, enables one to move ahead in the game. This is not the first time that ambitious gamers have flocked to a specific location to catch a Pokemon at odd hours of the day.

‘Pokemon Go’ News

Bellevue, Washington got flooded on Wednesday when another rare Pokemon, Squirtle appeared there. Independent reported another citing of a large group of people, which confounded a policeman, patrolling the area at late hours of the night.

“Last night four youths acting suspiciously in the town centre #burystedmunds ended up that they were playing #PokemonGO at 2 in the morning,” wrote the policeman on Twitter, reports Independent.

Pokemon Go is fast becoming a global phenomenon that is close to crushing the record of most-played gaming apps like Candy Crush!

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