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‘Pokemon Go’ Rare Pokemon Complete List: How To Catch Them All

‘Pokemon Go’ Rare Pokemon Complete List: How To Catch Them All
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‘Pokemon Go’ Rare Pokemon Complete List: How To Catch Them All

A few weeks after its release, Pokemon GO already have players busy wandering around trying to catch ‘em all. While there’s no such thing as a useless Pokemon, players are already tired of catching the same type over and over again.

Seeing this problem, the Poke Radar Map and iPhone app has been made to help you catch the rare ones and complete your collection. Completion in this case, in only partail as there is currently little info on how to catch legendaries.

According to Life Hacker, the map was put together by developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona. The map allows you to search for rare Pokemon all over the world. It also has filters to only find a specific type of Pokemon.

The map is powered by the Pokemon GO community which, while helpful, is also susceptible to trolling. That being said, the app has precautions to prevent you from falling to their tricks.

The app uses ratings to determine whether a particular tipper is legit or just playing a prank. When you tap a Pokemon, you will see who posted the tip and how many trainers found it useful.

So if you see someone with low ratings pointing you to place where supposedly Mewtwo can be found, you’ll know it’s a hoax. Most trainers are kind enough to tip others regarding potential rare finds, unless they’re part of a real world Team Rocket.

Also, keep in mind that the app and the game drain a ton of battery life. If you are on an extended Pokemon hunt, be sure to take a power bank.

The app is currently only available on the Appstore or on your browser. The android version is currently in the works and will probably releasedin time for the global roll-out of Pokemon GO.

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