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‘Pokemon Go’ PokeDates & PokeMatch Launch: Know How To Use The App’s Dating Services

‘Pokemon Go’ PokeDates & PokeMatch Launch: Know How To Use The App’s Dating Services
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‘Pokemon Go’ PokeDates & PokeMatch Launch: Know How To Use The App’s Dating Services

Would you like to meet up with a fellow “Pokemon Go” player on a romantic date? You can do that now through PokeDates and PokeMatch!

While one used to spot ambitious gamers crowding PokeStops in order to restock on their Poke Balls and Potions, now “Pokemon Go” couples will be seen using PokeStops as dating destinations!

This is due to the launch of sister apps of “Pokemon Go” called “PokeMatch” and “PokeDates”, which lets the players of the gaming app invite each other on romantic dates!

So now, you will be hunting for rare Pokemons as well as love, thanks to “Pokemon Go”! And you’ll know for a certainty that you will have at least one thing in common with the other person – the love for playing “Pokemon Go” – since only players can access this dating service.

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While these dating services are more or less similar to each other, the only difference is that while PokeMatch would follow a format close to that of Tinder, PokeDates would be closer to how apps like OkCupid functions, reports Business Insider.

PokeDates & PokeMatch

PokeMatch shows you picture of potential players that you might be interested in meeting up with and you can either swipe right to “match” yourself with that option or reject it by swiping right, reports Heavy.

If both the concerned individuals agree to go on a date, they can start a brief conversation on the app itself, which will let them schedule a meeting at the nearby PokeStop.

PokeDates, on the other hand, is a more detailed version of a dating app, where you have to fill out a questionnaire so that an algorithm can provide dating options which have more common in with you.

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In addition, the app also calculates the best possible time to go on a date by taking into account the hours of the day that both players are available online. PokeDates also brings up a list of nearby PokeStop location so that it is easier for the players to pick the most convenient one.

The concept behind launching dating services was to encourage people to engage in long conversations while hunting for Pokemons together.

“The goal is that people to create meaningful dates, not just hook-ups. We think that a Pokemon Go date is the perfect opportunity for that,” said Roosen, one of the masterminds behind the sister apps.

While PokeDates is yet to launch, PokeMatch is available for Android users.

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