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‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Wearable Vs ‘Pokemon Go’ On Apple Watch 2: How To Decide Which To Buy

‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Wearable Vs ‘Pokemon Go’ On Apple Watch 2: How To Decide Which To Buy
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‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Wearable Vs ‘Pokemon Go’ On Apple Watch 2: How To Decide Which To Buy

Niantic is launching all new “Pokemon Go” Plus wearables and “Pokemon Go” on Apple Watch 2! Even though they sound similar, they are really poles apart.

Players have requested Niantic for months to come out with a version of “Pokemon Go” that does not require them to tune into their mobile phones every time one wants to check how much distance one needs to cover in order to hatch an egg or track Pokemon Sightings.

Even though it has taken Niantic quite a while to come up with a solution to fast-draining phone batteries while playing “Pokemon Go”, they have finally announced not one, but two different kinds of exciting techs that let players play the game for longer hours, without having to worry about their phones shutting down.

On 7th September, John Hanke, the head of Pokemon Go announced that a limited version of the “Pokemon Go” App will be Available on the Apple Watch 2. Shortly afterwards, Niantic made the announcement that “Pokemon Go” Plus wearables will be available on online stores starting 16th September.

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While both of them sound tempting, which one is better? Let’s assess the features of both separately:

‘Pokemon Go’ On Apple Watch 2

The app cannot be installed on a first generation Apple Watch and is only limited to a second generation Apple Watch, which can be pre-ordered online starting 9th September, reports Mirror.


  • Top three Pokemon from the “Sightings” list appear on the watch’s screen.
  • A notification pops up every time a new/wild Pokemon is sighted.
  • A PokeStop alert shows up every time a player happens to be near one and they can be spun to collect items without opening the app on one’s mobile.
  • One can keep track of how much distance travelled and how much more to go in order to hatch a specific egg, reports Fortune.
  • One can see which Pokemon hatched from what egg on the watch.


  • One cannot throw a Pokeball in order to capture a Pokemon without using the phone.
  • Has to be connected to phone via Bluetooth for the notifications to appear on the watch
  • Pokemon Gyms and Pokemon Evolutions are not supported.

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‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Wearables

They are small balloon-shaped gadgets that can be worn as a watch or clipped onto any part of one’s outfit or accessories.


  • A notification pops up when one nears a PokeStop.
  • Alerts the player when a particular Pokemon specie, which has already been caught before, appears nearby.
  • One can catch the Pokemon by simply pressing the center button on the gadget. If one is successful, the gadget will vibrate.
  • Great for stocking up candies for the purpose of evolving Pokemon, reports GameSpot.


  • It is unable to catch species of Pokemon from the Pokedex that are not already in your inventory.
  • It’s useless when it comes to aiding egg hatches, fighting Pokemon Gyms and triggering evolutions.

Which One To Buy?

An Apple Watch 2 retails for $369 while a “Pokemon Go” Plus wearable will be available for $35 in select stores like Amazon and GameStop, reports The Verge.

Even though “Pokemon Go” on Apple Watch 2 does far more than “Pokemon Go” Plus, when it comes to the aspects of the game, a player, regardless of how dedicated he is to become the ultimate Pokemon master, would be crazy to buy an Apple Watch” 2 just to play “Pokemon Go”.

However, if one is already planning to buy an Apple Watch 2, the “Pokemon Go” app would certainly be an added perk. On the other hand, if one is looking for a cute statement piece to show off to friends, along with some help in catching Pokemon, the “Pokemon Go” Plus wearable is the way to go.

For the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ News please stay tuned in to this site.

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