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‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Preorder, Giveaway; The Possibility Of Playing With Phone Off

‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Preorder, Giveaway; The Possibility Of Playing With Phone Off
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‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Preorder, Giveaway; The Possibility Of Playing With Phone Off

There are still a handful of ways in which you can preorder ‘Pokemon Go’ Plus, in case you haven’t already and all the go-to online stores have run out of stock.

It is really difficult to get hold of a “Pokemon Go” wearable device if you have not already booked one in advance. Pre-ordering is now closed for the time being in all the major online stores such as Amazon, Gamestop, and Toys ‘R Us’. So if you happen to reside in the U.S., tough luck!

‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Preorder

But if you are willing to try out some of the unconventional means to get your hands on one of the balloon-shaped, wearable Pokemon Go gadget, you may want to pull out your credit card. EBay is selling them, but at double or even triple the price!

So, while the actual price stands at a mere $35, you can get it on eBay at somewhere between $70 and $120. Sounds insane? Then, you are better off hopping down to your local Gamestop or Best Buy on 16th September, that’s Friday, and enquiring about any extra pieces of the product that might be left aside from the preorder items.

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Nintendo NY store in New York City might also be selling some units of the “Pokemon Go” Plus outside the preordered bunch. So if you are a resident of NYC, you can definitely check it out, reports Polygon.

People living in Canada, however, still have time to preorder their “Pokemon Go” Plus device on Amazon or EB Games. You can also register on a website called Now In Stock, which will send you a notification when the product is restocked on Amazon, Toys ‘R US’ or Gamestop.

Also, even though the chances are really slim, you can subscribe to Trainer Tips on YouTube, since Nick, the co-owner of the channel, has announced a giveaway of one “Pokemon Go” Plus device to a lucky subscriber. The exact format of competing for the giveaway is still unknown.

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What is ‘Pokemon Go’ Plus?

“Pokemon Go” Plus is a revolutionary device and God-sent if you are a dedicated “Pokemon Go” player who hates the fact that you have to open the “Pokemon Go” app on your phone for every little thing within the game including checking notifications for any wild Pokemon appearing.

This is not only inconvenient, especially if you are in a middle of a busy area, but also eats up your phone battery which means that that you cannot hunt for Pokemon for longer periods at a stretch.

“Pokemon Go” Plus saves the phone battery by alerting you of any nearby Pokemon sightings and also catching Pokemon without having to take out your phone from your pocket! You can also spin PokeStops without having to rely on your phone!

One does need to keep the phone on, though, reports Silph Road on Reddit. But once you log into the app via your phone, you can just pop it in your travel bag and forget about it if you are wearing “Pokemon Go” Plus.

For the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ News please stay tuned in to this site.

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