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‘Pokémon Go’ Player Caught Them All: North American Pokedex Completed, Here’s How He Did It!

‘Pokémon Go’ Player Caught Them All: North American Pokedex Completed, Here’s How He Did It!
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‘Pokémon Go’ Player Caught Them All: North American Pokedex Completed, Here’s How He Did It!

Is it possible to “catch them all” on “Pokemon Go”? Yes, it is! And a Pokemon Player, Nick Johnson, of Brooklyn, has proved it by catching all the Pokemons available in North America!

Nick left everyone’s jaw hanging wide open when he declared on Reddit, under the username ftb_hodor, that he had caught all the 142 Pokemons listed in the North American Pokedex.

Most of the people refused to believe that something like this can be done within 2 weeks of the launch of “Pokemon Go” in the U.S. and Nick was accused of lying about his achievement.

However, as it turns out, Nick Johnson’s claim is true indeed, with the exception of 9 Pokemons, that are either not found in America or the gaming app itself.

The ones missing from his collection are Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Ditto, all of which are Legendary Pokemons and have not been proven to exist within “Pokemon Go.”

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There is also the elusive Farfetch’d, which can be located only in Asia, Mr. Mime, exclusive to Europe and Kangaskhan, found only in the Oceanic territories, reports Geek.

So how did Nick Johnson accomplish this supposedly impossible feat so quickly? The “Game Of Thrones” fan went on regular Pokemon hunts at night, since he could not devote much time in the morning due to work.

Before he knew it, Nick had traveled more than 200 miles (according to his health app), sometimes walking up to 8 hours a night! He also admittedly owes his much-improved physique to “Pokemon Go”!

Top 3 Pokemon challenges faced by him during his journey to “catch them all”:

  • Catching his last Pokemon of the collection – Omaster, which he could not catch the first time it showed up due to poor cell service.
  • Making a mistake and choosing water Pokemon as his first catch even though his heart lies with Team Valor in “Pokemon Go”.
  • Hiring a Uber just to rush to Jersey City to catch Porygon!

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“Pokemon Go” tips for aspiring Pokemon Trainers from Nick Johnson:

Tip #1: Buy walking shoes. If it’s something that you want to avoid is your feet covered in big angry boils after you return home from walking around the city looking for Pokemons. Also, try jogging instead of walking.

Tip #2: Walk in a straight line to hatch eggs faster. The app measures the distance traveled. It won’t be able to accurately calculate if one walks around in circles.

Tip #3: Focus on common Pokemons instead of rare ones if you are looking to level up faster. They consume a lesser number of candies to evolve.

Tip #4: Socialize! If you see other fellow Pokemon players out hunting near PokeStops, strike up a conversation! The most useful tip he picked up while such a conversation – Dratini can be located in Jersey City near the Newport PATH train stop!

Tip #5: If you want maximum value for your buck, go for an Egg Incubator rather than anything else in a Pokemon Store, reports Business Insider.

Tip #6: Most preferred Pokemon catching destination is Central Park’s Grand Army Plaza (where Justin Bieber has been spotted playing). Turn up at the close of every hour for some rare Pokemon catches. Battery Park works too!

Tip #7: A second phone with “Pokemon Go” installed in it helps! While you are battling your Pokemons in the gym in one, the second one scans the nearby areas for any sudden appearances of rare Pokemons!

Nick Johnson is currently looking for sponsors to help him travel out into other continents to catch the remaining Pokemons to complete his Pokedex.

For the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ News please stay tuned in to this site.

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