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‘Pokemon Go:’ People Banned Due To Their Locations

‘Pokemon Go:’ People Banned Due To Their Locations
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‘Pokemon Go:’ People Banned Due To Their Locations

While millions enjoy the adorable and engaging game of Pokemon Go on earth, there are people who will never get to play the app.

Pokemon Go has become somewhat of a sensation among app-lovers ever since it launched, with gamers going gaga over the adventurous journey of travelling to different places on the earth and capturing rare Pokemons by flinging their PokeBalls.

Can You Play Pokemon Go App Without Wifi & Data?

Unfortunately, though, NASA has confirmed that due to a number of technical difficulties, the crew members working up in the International Space Station will not be able to enjoy this action-packed, augmented reality game.

First of all, the six crew members in ISS have access to limited internet connectivity through their laptops. While they have a number of smartphones and other digital devices in their possession, none of them support internet.

“They also only have access to apps specifically for the payloads they are intended for and do not have the ability to add apps like we do on the ground,” a NASA spokesperson added in an interview with Mashable.

How To Spoof GPS Location On Pokemon GO? 

Secondly, the GPS tracking technology used by the Pokemon Go app to track the movement of the players across the Pokemon map within the game would interfere with the tracking systems up in space, which uses different frequencies than down in the earth.

Apparently, applications on the earth use “location based services”, which becomes null and void once someone leaves the vicinity of the planet.

Pokemon Go Features

The augmented reality feature of the Pokemon Go app is really something that has not been explored much by other gaming apps and is what makes it unique. Once a Pokemon battles it out with another Pokemon, the app uses the camera of one’s phone to embed the creature in real life.

NASA’s astronauts such as Kate Rubins, Takuya Onishi and cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, who joined the others on the space mission just a few days after Pokemon Go launched, will have to give this game a miss for now, as reported by The Verge.

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